About Keenan Jerome


I am Keenan Jerome - Freelance Photographer, Scientist, & Nomad. Where I’m from is an intricate web of story and place, although the Southern U.S. feels like home. I currently live with one foot in the Colorado Rockies and the other in the Caribbean Sea. This nomadic existence feeds my need for salt water and mountain air, both of which revive my soul.


This artistic journey began at the age of 7 while saving up my $1 weekly allowance to buy a Kodak Polaroid. I was fascinated with the concept of capturing “moments” in time, and loved the anticipation of waiting for pictures to develop. Although I ditched photography in my teens to pursue a football career, the longing never left me and I started shooting again after college. I brought my camera into the South African bush during a study abroad program and re-discovered my love for depicting the world's stories through imagery. That trip fostered a profound relationship with the natural world by connecting my passion for science, sustainability and art.


I’ve been blessed to shoot many people and visit many different landscapes in order to document moments that go beyond words. My work has been featured in The Business Insider, The Wilderness Society, and The Defenders of Wildlife. I sincerely appreciate your interest in the displayed images. They are a glimpse into some of my most memorable moments.

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